About me


my name is Jannik. I was born in June 1987 and live in Hamburg, Germany at the moment, studying business administration.

As you might guess, I really like analogue photography, I’ll write a post about the reasons sometime in the future. ;-)

20 thoughts on “About me

  1. I recently got a Nikon EM from my grandad. after a little reasearch on the camera I stumbled across your blog. I had no idea that the quality of film could be so good. Thankyou for opening my eyes and inspiring me to fave fun with my camera

  2. Hello Jannik
    I stumbled on to your site after you liked one … loved your snaps…a,m going to add you to my blogroll to keep up with your work. looking forward to many more awesome snaps

  3. Hello Jannik

    thank you for enjoying what I have written on my own blog –
    It was film-transparencies for me since the early years during my teens – although I did move to the digital realm during the past 5 years, I am glad to see film being used by many, as I would consider a loss to our work as a whole if it were to disappear …

    keep feeding that experimental mind and eye of yours … never let anything interfere with the need for creativity –
    looking forward to more of your pics

    mit lieben Gruessen nach Hamburg

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