some serious expired Ilford HP5 meets Hamburg // places you usually don’t see #1

Hey there,

here are some photos from a roll of expired HP5, as promised. 😉

Usually the HP5 isn’t that grainy, but I think the film wasn’t stored properly the last years,

and well the one I used expired in 2005.

All pictures were either taken on my way to work, at work in Hamburg or on my way back home, mostly spontaneous, random shots.

The quality isn’t very good, but in my opinion the extreme grain emphasizes the black and white, and that dreamy retro look.

So let’s go to work, we travel by subway. 😉

These two were taken at the subway station “Hauptbahnhof Nord” ; Hamburg.

So here we are, finally at work. I work at a TV station and it’s kind of funny what you may find hidden in the archives.

The last one is a control unit for these huge automated shelves  you can see on the first two pictures, well this one seems to be out of service. 😉

And well as you might assume, I was pretty startled when I found that dartboard between half a million of beta and IMX tapes.

Well later that day I took a little self-portrait and made my way back to the subway.

On the ride back to Hamburg central station I took this random shot of a pretty girl seated on my left, I like this.

All photos were take Friday September 3rd, the day before “a weekend at my parents house” . I used the Olympus OM-2n with the Zuiko 50mm Lens, mostly at an aperture of 1:1,8.



I do not intend to harm any personal rights. If you see your personal rights harmed because you appear on one of my photos please inform me and I will instantly remove the picture from this blog.


Once again, isn’t that grain  atmospheric?

Good night and good luck.



Note #2

If you want to use any of  my photos for NON-commerical purposes, e.g. for your desktop, ask me and I’ll send you an e-mail with the image at 1800×1200 pixels.



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