the rail #2

Good morning,

here comes no. 2, taken just about a week later.

Lubitel 166U Porta 160VC 120

Tomorrow there will be an elitechrome slide.

Have a nice day.




Fell in love with a digital one, please tell me what you think about it.

Olympus Pen E-P2



Thank you, I hope you like the other ones.



5 thoughts on “the rail #2

  1. I really like this one, too, but I love the other one. I think it’s really about the color. This is still great, though! (:

  2. @Alaina

    well I’m glad to have you commenting on everything. I like it =)

    don’t worry your not the only one. my mum and two of my friend are writing e-mails. 😉

    and at last this blog does exist like for ten days now, I’m all exited about having one subscriber yet 😉

    what do you thin about the camera?

  3. Ok, good to know that others are appreciating your hard work as well. (: And I am honored to be the first subscriber! When you’re famous I can say that I have been a loyal fan from the beginning! Haha.

    As far as the camera goes, all I can say is that I am jealous. I’m not a photographer and only have a simple (and crappy) point and shoot. I’m hoping that after I get home I can save up some money to get a nice camera. I’ve been wanting a nice digital, but after looking at all of your photos, I think I would much rather have a camera that uses film. These photographs are so beautiful. Then again, that’s likely due to the person behind the camera rather than the camera itself.

    Oops..that was longer than I anticipated. Lol.

  4. Hi, Jimi,

    I’m really fascinated seeing your marvellous photos. The beauty of simplicity touches me deeply. Keep up the creative work!


    Elsa and family (including J. V.)

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