Here we go again // Boat photography

Hey guys,

today I’ll bring 7 rolls of film, taken in Oslo,  to the laboratory. So we’ll have to wait for like 2-6 days for the photos.

But don’t worry we had a Canon Eos with us and this monochrome shot I took is just amazing in my opinion.

Tell me what you think about it. I call it boat photography. Enjoy! and have a nice day. (view it large 😉 )

and yet another one =)

attention! watch out for vikings 😉

Both shots were taken with my flatmates Eos 450D + Kit Lens 18-55mm



One thought on “Here we go again // Boat photography

  1. Hj Jimi,

    how beautiful! Thank you very much for your photographies. My favourite photography is the one with the ship in the museum.



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