pushed cutlery

Hey all,

unfortunately I have to tell you that my OM2 needs to be repaired, so I will only be able to take a few pictures over the upcoming weeks.

I know this sounds terrible (actually it is), but I’ve got 9 new films at the laboratory, so I’ll probably be able to present new pictures to you.

There are 3 rolls of film, filled with “everyday-stuff” and another 6 I shot during my Oslo trip (you should go there, really beautiful city).

Additionally I will present the “print rumble #1” in about 2 weeks. Look forward to it, this will be amazing. 😉


To start with, I’ve go some cutlery for you. Taken.. uhhmm.. in my kitchen, about 2 weeks ago.

The interesting part about this is, that it’s the first film i shot using the “push-pocessing ” technique.

It’s quite easy, but I like it. Basically you take a roll of low ISO film, e.g. ISO 100 and set the automatic aperture control to e.g. ISO 400.

After you finished the roll you’ll have to tell the laboratory that this special roll has to be push-processed. (e.g. push 2 steps – from 100 to 400 ISO)

I like it =)

These photos were taken with the Olympus OM2-n loaded with some Kodak Elitechrome 100 @ 400 ISO.


& #2

there’s #3 as well but  hmm I’ll keep that one for another day 😉

Alternative to this I give you another rainy photo, same camera, same film, same (rainy =( ) day.

Actually I like photos taken on rainy days, they usually have loads of atmosphere.





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