Have you been to Norway lately?

Hey hey,

as I wrote some time ago I visited Oslo with two friends of mine earlier this month.

So on this sunny October day  I want to show you some lovely photos I took in this beautiful city.

Last week I stopped by at the lab and the told me that three rolls of my film have been lost… they search for them at the moment and I hope that they will discover them soon. These three rolls contain the some all amazing b&w shots of Oslo.

Here we go! =)

Camera: Olympus OM2-n & Zuiko 50mm 1,8

Film: Kodak Porta 800/Fuji Superia 200

When you visit Oslo, you have to visit the Opera, great architecture with huge amounts of white marble 😉

The Opera house:

The old town:

Isn’t this gate lovely?

Around the harbor and “Aker Brygge”

Stuff on the street:

Unfortunately it seems to be, that 800 Iso are too sensitive for bright sunshine. But I hope you don’t mind about the white stripes on the first two photos.

Enjoy, I’ll post some more during the week.



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