Portraits #1

Hey you out there,

I’ve got tons of photos of stuff uploaded, so what about some portraits.

I hope you’ll enjoy these shots.

Say “Hello” to Inga, Daniel and me. 😉




All shots were taken with the Nikon EM loaded with Fuji Neopan 1600 ( I love that film).

Have a good night,



5 thoughts on “Portraits #1

  1. I’ve just got myself a Nikon EM and want to shoot some black and white using the FUJI NEOPAN 1600 film. What did you set the cameras ISO too as it only goes up to 1000 iso..

    Did you develop these yourself?


    • Hi Ryan,

      actually you should be able to set the iso to 1600.
      I took a picture of my Nikon EM for you, to see how it should look like.
      Nikon EM

      Neopan 1600 is a really great film, I love shooting it.
      I did not develop these ones myself, I gave them to the drugstore next door. 😉

      I hope i was able to help you.

      Good night & good luck.


      • Thanks for this, I was being completely blind when I last looked at the camera!

        Great photos, keep it up.


  2. these are beautiful images. The overall look of the tones and grain make me want to go out at night and shoot some neopan 1600 (or even just go out at night with my camera

    • Gary,

      thank you for visiting my blog and thank you even more for looking through the old posts. =)
      I just finished a roll of neopan 400. I think I’ll post some photos of this next week.
      You should seriously go out with your camera at night again. 😉


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