Happy New Year! & expired espresso comes with a croissant (#8)


Happy New Year. I hope all of you had some wonderful holidays and a good start into 2011. I’ve been traveling a lot the past days. 2640 km during the past 2 weeks, and I didn’t even leave Germany. 😉 As you might guess I took loads of photos, just dropped 7 rolls of film at the laboratory. 2 more are still in the cameras. I am looking forward to present these to you. =) There will be snow and NYE and Christmas and much more.

Today I’ve got another cup of coffee for you, I took this one with my OM-2n, loaded with a roll of expired (sometime last millennium, I think in the late 90s) Kodak Ektachrome Elite II 100. You obviously can see that the film is expired, but I think it still looks nice.

I had this (really tasty) breakfast at a café called “East Village Eatery” in Düsseldorf, Germany. If you have the possibility, taste the croissants, they are extremely good.

Enjoy this wonderful day.





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