a train ride // evening

End of June, shot throgh a window, Kodak 400TX.

Helmut Newton once said: ‘your first 10,000 photographs are your worst’ 

I should be up to 3000 shots, captured on film, over the last year so I’ve still got like 195 rolls of film to go. 😉 The next ones will be Kodak Ektar 100 (loaded at the moment) and the new Portra 400 (I’m excited)

Even if this is just one photo between no. 2000 & 3000, i really like it. 😉

Nikon F80, Tamron 28-200, Kodak 400 TX

Take care.



One thought on “a train ride // evening

  1. Dear Jimi,
    it makes me proud to see your always extraordinary photographs!

    Your Dad!

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