Hamburg // Sunset // Harbour // Subway

Nikon F80, Nikkor AF50 1.8D, Fujifilm Velvia 100F

Nikon F80, Nikkor AF50 1.8D, Fujifilm Velvia 100F

I took these shots a couple of weeks ago, at the “Baumwall” station in Hamburg. I really like the “U3”, probably the only subway track with such a beautiful view in the world. πŸ˜‰ I think it’s kind of special that this subway isn’t underground all the time.

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10 thoughts on “Hamburg // Sunset // Harbour // Subway

    • Thank you Muk,

      for slides I prefer Fuji. (Besides, Kodak is just discontinuing all slide films)
      for color negatives Kodak I prefer Kodak, especially the Portra 400.

      Concerning Ilford: Unfortunately the just produce b&w films.


  1. Everytime when I am waiting for a train in a train station early in the morning I think: I should take a picture of the rising sun reflected on the tracks… But I never do πŸ™‚ This poto is something special! Love it!

    • =) Thanks. I’m glad you like it. Taking photos of such “ordinary” scenes as a train arriving can create interesting results. I think I’ll take another photo at this spot to see how it differs to this one.

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