Reblog: “Why Digital Is Dead For Me In Street Photography” by Eric Kim

I read an impressive blog post today and wanted to share this with you.

Just take some minutes to read it.

Click on the image to read the post

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6 thoughts on “Reblog: “Why Digital Is Dead For Me In Street Photography” by Eric Kim

  1. Really love the unusual perspective and angle of this shot. It really makes you stop and look, not just a passing glance. Wonderful photo.

    Thanks for stopping by my phlog and sending a smile my way. JAZ

  2. I enjoyed reading this, Jimi – thanks for pointing people at it! Its strange though – I was a film photographer for decades – largely because digital didn’t exist then. Then digital arrived, but I was commited to film – and using some very good cameras – OM-4 TI, Nikon F6, Ricoh GR1v etc.

    But then Nikon’s full frame D700 appeared and, looking at what it could do, I quickly came to the conclusion that it is on a par with the F6. So I bought a D700 – and have never looked back at film again! I’ve found that digital gives me far more flexibility and far more means to follow my creative impulses, and my beloved film cameras – really thet are cherished old friends! – lie idle, and my last rolls of film are still in the fridge!

    If anyone had said that my photography would turn out this way, I would have laughed in their faces – and yet here I am! Thanks for a very interesting post. Adrian

  3. Fantastic! I love the motion in this and the reflection…the composition. It’s just fantastic.

  4. Film is love. I’d agree.
    This photo has a nice feel to it. Something Lee Friedlander’ish about it.

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