Nikon F80, Nikkor AF 28-105D, Kodak EBX, Lightroom

Spielbudenplatz, St. Pauli, Hamburg. Converted to gray-scale in Lightroom.

Enjoy & take care,



8 thoughts on “Shadowplay

  1. Excellent image, Jimi – it took me a moment to find the subject, but the thin white lines in the foreground lead right in to him. And then the incredible grill-like background behind and above him dwarfs him – and I think that having that street scene over at far left adds a lot to the shot – it puts the shot into context in the city – without it, the picture could be anywhere. Good stuff! Adrian

      • Its a pleasure, Jimi – I’m finding that seeing so many photos now I’m blogging is helping me to articulate what it is that I see / like / dislike in them – and I enjoy the process very much!

        By the way, I’ve come across an interesting Iranian blog that I think you might like – I’ve just been looking at a photo there that I think is quite like your style. The site is: , and I’m following it. Adrian

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