Nikon D600, Nikkor AF 28-105D, RAW, Lightroom

Nikon D600, Nikkor AF 28-105D, RAW, Lightroom

Hey all,

over the last two weeks I had a wonderful holiday in the United States with my girlfriend, visiting Cambridge, Boston and New York (Both are absolutely great cities 😉 )  I really enjoyed the trip, so far, and tonight I’ll be heading back to Germany, so you can expect tons of photos over the next weeks.

In New York, we stayed at a friends apartment, located at the north shore of Staten Island. As you might guess this amazing view is from the apartments living room. Almost all of the time we had amazing sunny weather, except this one  morning two days ago. 😉

I edited the photo in Lightroom to enhance the dramatic look a little.

Enjoy & take care,



7 thoughts on “Haze//Manhattan

  1. nice photo jimi. I went to N.Y long time ago it was very enjoy N.Y days same as you.
    i will wait your new N.Y photo.

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