Nikon D600, Nikkor AF28-105D - Clara in Liège

Nikon D600, Nikkor AF28-105D – Clara in Liège, Rue du carré

Last Saturday we visited Liège, there will be more photos but for now it’s only this one of Clara looking back.

We’ll spend the weekend in Paris, so I will hopefully be able to present you some pictures next week.

Enjoy & take care,



10 thoughts on “Narrow

  1. Oh I like this very much, Jimi – its full of menace and uncertainty, a really great image! The masonry or bricks in the walls are so strong and rough, and they lead my eyes forcefully into the composition – and its a great bonus that Clara’s clothes fit in with the overall colour scheme. This is right up there with your best! Adrian

    • Adrian, thank you so much for your opinion on this photo. I’m glad that apparently I was able to create such a ‘frightening’ atmosphere, because we were laughing all the time & having fun while I took this one. Thank you again for your review, I always appreciate your opinion. Jimi

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  3. Love this picture! Very cool and very narrow! I love the narrow and hidden alleyways here in London 🙂 I even had my very own alleyway tour conducted by my personal tour guide (Charlie, of course 🙂 )

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