At Low Tide


today is the fourth anniversary of this blog, so here is a new Photo, taken yesterday at the St.Pauli Landungsbrücken in Hamburg.

Enjoy & take care,


Nikon D600, Nikkor AF50 1.8D

Nikon D600, Nikkor AF50 1.8D


5 thoughts on “At Low Tide

  1. Jimi, very good to hear from you again, man! I hope life is treating you well – how care your studies going? And no, I haven’t bought the Nikon D810 – think I’ll wait a couple of years for the D900!!! All good wishes to you, my friend! Adrian

    • Adrian, I’m good, just finished some exams and now I’m enjoying some days off. How are you? If I would be in your position, I’d definitely wait for the D900. In my opinion the D800/D600 are still perfect cameras to use. The new features in cameras like the D810/D750 are not worth to buy a new camera yet, in my opinion. What about a meeting up next year, I want to visit England anyway and it would be awesome to have a tea and a little photo tour with you. Jannik

      • Hi Jannik! Yes, I agree, the 810 and 750 are not worth the cash outlay. Actually, as well as the 800, I’m still very much using the D700, and still finding it excellent – and especially so in low light. As I read somewhere ages ago, a good camera doesn’t become any less good just because “upgrades” have been produced.

        It would be excellent to see you! However I don’t travel too much these days – getting old and lazy!!! – but if you’re over this way, in the west of England, then I’d love to meet up. I live in Bristol. Hope we can arrange something! Oh, and I hope too that your exams have gone well, that you get good grades – I was a student 40+ years ago and took more exams than I want to think about – I used to really hate them! Good luck for your results! Adrian

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