Nikon D600, 50mm

Nikon D600, 50mm

Don’t pay attention to my facial expression, I was very happy that day. I took this one, some weeks ago in Lübeck, on a wonderful sunny day, that we spent at the beach afterwards.

Enjoy & take care,



2 thoughts on “#selfie

  1. Jimi, I like this, grim expression and all! But I would never have recognised you. Excellent image, love the way it is cut by the window’s frame, and I also like that huge face over on the left. Hope you’re fine, my friend. Adrian 🙂

    • Adrian, thanks a lot. I especially like the reflection of the two people sitting in the left side of the photo. I’m good, enjoying summer. I hope you are good as well. It’s always good to hear from you. Is it as hot in the UK as it is in Germany right now?

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