a weekend at my parents house

Last weekend I visited my parents in Düsseldorf, we had three days of beautiful sunshine.

I suppose these days might have been the last days of summer this year, but well I had my

brand new (old 😉 ) Olympus with me and shot three rolls of film during the weekend.

The first one was ready today, so let’s start this with a good coffee 😉

a double espresso is probably the best way to start a day, specially when you’ll have to study management..

Well later that first day at my parents house I found an old deck of cards, and I think it looks kind of  “vintage-super-stylish” 😉

I’ve got two more pictures for you tonight, at first I shot a pretty picture of some berries in the garden:

So here we are, this will be the last one for today, he’s called Tommy, kind of my little brother 😉

All photos have been shot, using the Olympus OM-2n with the Zuiko 50mm f=1/1,8 lens and the all amazing Kodak Ektar 100

Perhaps I’ll upload some b&w photos tomorrow.

Enjoy and have a nice weekend.



2 thoughts on “a weekend at my parents house

  1. Love the pictures. Artistic simplicity at its finest. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing photos of the simple things in life. Keep it up! It’s the simple things that matter.


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