Provia 400x@3200ISO//Off to the limits

As promised a shot of Provia 400x at 3200 ISO,

taken last Wednesday. Isn’t she lovely?

I like that colour errors that occur by pushing this film 3 stops,

but anyway if you want to have fun with this, just push it to 1600ISO.

At 3200 it’s a really nasty task to scan these. Took me about an hour for this one.

Enjoy & take care.


Nikon F80, Nikkor AF 50 1.8D, Fujifilm Provia 400x@3200ISO

13 thoughts on “Provia 400x@3200ISO//Off to the limits

  1. Do you develop yourself or does a lab push it for you. Do you happen to know the dev times for the push? I have not pushed c41 film yet put your results are very encouraging.

    • I didn’t develop this one myself, gave it to the lab 😉 So I’m sorry i won’t be able to help you with the dev. times.. Just try pushing some film, it’s fun! (But Provia 400X is E-6 slide film 😉 ) Thank you.

  2. Jimi >>> EXCELLENT to see pushed Provia 400X, really wonderful, good for you! And I like the picture’s content too!

    But I can’t understand the trouble you’re having with scanning. Its quite possible that I’m not doing things right here, but I just use a plustek OpticFilm 7600i film scanner, and go with the noise etc – and you can see egs on my blog. The scanner uses 4 passes at each picture, tho I can increase that if I want. I like the vivid colours that often appear. If the noise is really too much, I sometimes reduce it >>> or change into mono, where the noise looks like grain.

    Anyway, great to see pushed film! Adrian

    • Hey Adrian, thank you very much.

      I use the Pustek 7600i as well (with Siverfast SE Plus) and I had a really hard time scanning this, usually the scanner works all fine, even if I just set it to two scan layers. I’ll convert this one to B+W later, just to see how it looks.
      Currently I’ve got some Superia 800@1600 loaded, I’m curious how this will turn out.

  3. The composition and the colours are so nice, just this noise, you can work on one of digital programs, just an idea. Thank you dear Jannik, Your works are always so inspirational. With my love, nia

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