At the bar


Yesterday evening. I’ll be out of town for some days, so don’t expect new photos until next week.

Enjoy & take care,



3 thoughts on “At the bar

    • Wow, Adrian, thank you so much. The break was good, caught a little cold but I’m ok. 😉 What’s your twitter?

      • Hi Jimi, my pleasure! Well I have a Twitter account, @fa_tman, on which I’ve been posting other WP bloggers’ images to give them a little increased exposure>>> but now WP (in their great wisdom!!!) have removed this facility, so I can no longer do this. WP do such things without any warning and, I have to say, that blogging with WP can sometimes seem like blogging >despite< WP – and I am certainly not the only one thinking along these lines. A 🙂

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